US High School Student Named Helicopter from NASA to Mars

A high school student from Alabama named after the helicopter the US Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) planned to send to Mars.

In a statement made by NASA , 17-year-old Vaneeza Rupani , a Tuscaloosa High School student living in Northport, Alabama, won an agency competition to name the helicopter.

The name "Ingenuity" (Trick) proposed by Rupani in the composition for the helicopter was named. In his composition, Rupani used the phrase "The genius and skill of people who work hard to overcome the challenges of interplanetary travel. What makes us all experience the miracles of space exploration. The trick is what allows people to achieve great things and expand our horizons to the very end of the universe . "

The number of compositions written by students who applied to NASA to name the helicopter to be sent to Mars was recorded as 28 thousand .

NASA Manager Jim Bridenstine expressed his satisfaction for choosing one that will represent his exciting missions to Mars very well, with their chosen name among the competition finalists.

In February 2021, the red planet is planned to land on the Jezero Crater and the Stroller Perseverance and helicopter Ingenuity will be sent to Mars in July. Perseverance, which means perseverance , was also proposed by 7th grade student Alexander Mather.


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