US President Donald Trump Announces Suspension of Funding for WHO

The USA, the country where the coronavirus has spread the most, with 602.989 cases and 25.575 deaths, announced that they have suspended their funding support to the World Health Organization. US President Trump accuses WHO of his proximity to China.

Donald Trump , the head of the USA, the country most hit by the coronavirus epidemic , announced that he has recently suspended the fund paid to the World Health Organization, which he criticized and said they would cut their support . Speaking at the press conference on the Coronavirus Task Force at the White House, President Trump held WHO responsible for the spread of the coronavirus worldwide .

Stating that WHO works for China in the first place and for this reason is misleading the whole world, Trump said, “ Today I order my management to stop the fund we provide for the World Health Organization. Everyone knows what's going on there . ”

Stating that his administration has examined WHO's negligence regarding the outbreak and covering up some incidents, the US President stated that the fund, which is between $ 400 and $ 500 million per year, will no longer be given to WHO. In his continuation, Trump said that China invested only $ 40 million in WHO .

Trump: WHO should be held accountable

US President Donald Trump added that WHO did not initially make a reliable investigation into the outbreak that began in Wuhan. "The World Health Organization, which has not been able to fulfill its most basic duty after all these years, should be held responsible, " said Trump, who showed the late steps taken by WHO as the cause of the coronavirus turning into a pandemic.

The organization remains silent on the Chinese doctor reporting the outbreak

Following the statements he made regarding WHO, Trump also mentioned the first doctor to report the epidemic in China. There was no news after a Chinese doctor who announced Covid-19 in December 2019. Trump stated that WHO was also silent on this issue and chose to be on the Chinese side.


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