USA Space Image of Fires

The smoke of fire in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho and Utah states of the USA was viewed from space. The fires have burned nearly 2 million hectares to date.

Various fires around the city of San Francisco in the United States have recently made the city of San Francisco look like an apocalyptic movie. With the effect of the smoke from the fires, the city turned red and unforgettable images appeared.

Today, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which has an obligation to investigate weather and sea events in the United States and on Earth, has published how smoke from fires looks from space. The images featured fire smoke stretching hundreds of kilometers along the western coast of the USA.

Fire view from space

Dozens of wildfires are yet to be prevented in the US states of California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho and Utah. According to experts, fires triggered by climate change have killed at least 14 people and hundreds of thousands of hectares of land have been destroyed so far.

Satellite images taken by NOAA on Thursdays and Fridays also showed that the smoke was traveling hundreds of kilometers into the Pacific Ocean. The US National Weather Service says people should keep doors and windows closed in their homes, saying they have bad air quality due to smoke on the west coast.

According to a statement from the National Inter-Agency Fire Center, 24 active fires broke out in California alone on Saturday morning. This number was also announced as 14 in the state of Oregon and 15 in the state of Washington.

With fires in other states, the total number of fires reached 97. The fires have burned more than 1 million 900 thousand hectares to date. The number of personnel working in fires was announced as 29,000. Evacuations took place in some parts of the states where fires broke out.


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