Valve Announces SteamVR Will No longer Support macOS

Valve announced today that SteamVR will no longer support the macOS operating system on its share over the Steam Community. The company said that users can still access older versions.

Described as the technology of the future , virtual reality has gradually started to take place in the lives of people, albeit slowly. One of the environments where virtual reality is used the most is video games. Players can fully participate in the world of a game thanks to this technology.

Steam , the biggest game platform, was of course not silent about virtual reality. The company had removed steamvr'y allowing players to access the VR game so far, but Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms supported in steamv is now to support MacOS .

macOS will no longer be supported:

Valve, who shared only one paragraph announcement on the Steam Community page, gave the sad news for macOS users. The platform announced that SteamVR will no longer support macOS and will focus on Windows and Linux operating systems .

Valve's statement also included a not so bad recommendation for those using SteamVR through the macOS operating system to date. The platform said that macOS users

can access SteamVR using 'legacy (old)' versions .

SteamVR first came up with an announcement for macOS at Apple's WWDC 2017 event, but since then Apple has been a bit behind in supporting the platform. In recent years,

it has been announced that Valve and Apple are working on augmented reality glasses, and recently it has been claimed that Apple will produce its own AR / VR technology .

A recent survey of Valve hardware revealed that macOS users take up virtually no space on Steam . As a result of this survey, it was concluded that only 4% of Steam users use the macOS operating system and the rest use Windows or Linux. Of course, when all these things came together , there were rumors that Steam would somehow

give less support to macOS .

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