Volkswagen ID 4 Design

Volkswagen shared images showing the minimalist interior design of the new SUV ID 4, which it will introduce this month. The vehicle was designed to match today's electric car trends.

The simplification experienced in vehicles with electric cars affected not only the engine part but also the interior of the vehicle. Many electric cars provide easy access to the controls the driver needs most, while offering them in a compact design, taking up as little space as possible.

The new electric SUV ID 4, which will be introduced by the German auto giant Volkswagen at the end of this month, will have a simple and minimalist interior. The German company has shared several photos showing the inside of the Volkswagen ID 4, which has little time to introduce its car, and it has already been liked by many.

Volkswagen ID 4 İnterior Design

As you can see in the image, Volkswagen has targeted the simplicity offered by Tesla and other electric cars in the interior of the ID 4. Although the images show that the interior of the vehicle has been successfully designed, no information has been shared about the company. Details of the screens we see here.

As far as we can see from the picture, Volkswagen ID 4 will have two different screens. It will be the largest of these screens and the screen on the right will be the screen where applications, vehicle settings, radio, battery information, navigation and many other features will be shown. The other screen will provide information about the vehicle's driving.

In a way, Volkswagen did not follow Tesla's goal. Tesla eliminated all physical switches with Model 3. However, as we can see in the photo taken from Volkswagen's new SUV ID 4, the interior of the vehicle will contain a small number of functional physical keys.

In addition to all these, Volkswagen will include a light system called 'ID.Light system' in its vehicle. Lights running along the interior of the vehicle will experience a change in color based on signals, incoming calls, locked doors and many other situations. We'll all watch the introduction of the new Volkswagen SUV at the end of this month.


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