Wacom Tablets Revealed to Share Data with Google Analytics

One of the most feared events of the modern era is that our devices that we use store our personal data. It seems that one of the companies that collected this data is Wacom. It turns out that the company's tablets record data of what applications users opened.

Software engineer Robert Heaton stated in a blog post that Wacom tablets gather data about what apps users open . It is not yet clear what Wacom does with this data.

Heaton became aware of this situation with a privacy policy message from Wacom. When Heaton received the message that usage data, technical session information, and hardware device information will be collected and shared with Google Analytics, he created a proxy server to see what data Wacom is storing. Heaton discovered that the name of every app opened as a result of this process was recorded.

Wacom's data collection

Although Google Analytics is used quite frequently by developers and companies, it is not clear why Wacom wants to access applications that users open. In his blog post, Heaton said, “What needs explanation; Why is it acceptable for Wacom to record every application I open? ”He said. 

Heaton also revealed that he was not the first to discover Wacom's privacy policy . In a post on Reddit last year, it was stated that the privacy policy changed with the 6.3.27 driver update. 

If you are a Wacom tablet user, go to the settings in the Wacom Desktop Center (Wacom Desktop Center)> click the "more" option in the upper right corner> select Privacy Settings> Close in the Participate Wacom Experience Program box.

The Wacom Twitter support page, which reached Heaton, said that this data was collected " to keep the computer safe from applications not downloaded from the App Store " . However, it is not possible to say that this explanation explains why the tablet collects personal data.

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