Waymo Announces 5th Generation Autonomous Driving Technology

Waymo, known for its self-driving vehicles, unveiled 5th generation autonomous driving technology. It is stated that the last version of the vehicle has been significantly improved in terms of visibility.

Waymo , a US-based autonomous driving technology development company, announced in a blog post that it halves the cost of the sensor for the autonomous driving equipment package and doubles the ability to see the front, rear and sides of a vehicle.

Waymo, part of Alphabet Inc., is known as  a project of Google and became an independent company in December 2016. Waymo experimented for a self-departing taxi service in Phoenix and Arizona in April 2017. The company's aim is to undertake a profitable trade. Google also wants to get a share of the profit.

5th generation autonomous technology from Waymo:

Waymo launches these vehicles in Phoenix after integrating its technology on several hundred Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid vans. To partner vehicles with a factory in Michigan , the company partnered with Canadian-based automotive parts manufacturer Magna , making an agreement to purchase 20,000 Jaguar I-Pace electric SUVs to turn them into autonomous driving vehicles.

Target: 70 thousand autonomous vehicles

The first of the Jaguars arrived in San Francisco last July. Once everything is completed, Waymo plans to have about 70,000 autonomous cars that serve a quarter of the entire US taxi fleet.

Waymo's 5th generation automatic driving technology:

In a blog post of March 4, Waymo talked about the features of the 5th generation automatic driving technology, which includes 5 LIDAR devices (technology to understand the distance of an object via laser), 29 cameras and a group of radar units attached to vehicles .

The company studied how far each of these sensors could look outdoors, in difficult conditions such as fog, snow and misty weather. Waymo explained that the latest LIDAR units can see 300 meters ahead, both visual and infrared cameras can track 500 meters ahead, and their radar can  detect a motorcyclist hundreds of meters away .

The company not only greatly improved its range and resolution, but also said that the cost of sensors and digital processors was reduced by up to 50%. This reduction can greatly increase the company's profit rates.

A collaboration between Waymo and UPS came up last month . UPS aims to be able to deliver cargo quickly and increase customer satisfaction. Therefore, the cargo company that will benefit from Waymo's level 4 autonomous vehicle fleet plans to deliver the cargo by autonomous vehicles.

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