We Can See The First 192 MP Camera Smartphone Next Month

Although the leading companies in the industry such as Samsung and Apple have stopped the megapixel wars by insisting on 12 MP camera sensors for a long time, this war continues especially with the demand of Chinese manufacturers. According to new claims, we can see a phone with 192 MP cameras next month.

Although the devices in the flagship segment stopped the megapixel wars by opting for 12 or 16 MP cameras for a long time, the rise of some manufacturers to resolutions such as 32MP, 48 MP reignited this war. Finally, Samsung and Xiaomi carried the bar to a completely different point in this war with flagships with 108 MP cameras.

Samsung and Xiaomi are currently at the forefront of high-resolution camera competition. However, a new claim suggests that a phone that will challenge Samsung and Xiaomi's flagship cameras will be available next month.

Publishing frequent leaks from the smartphone industry, Digital Chat Station claimed that a smartphone with a 192MP camera will be available next month in Weibo, the widely used social media network in China .

It is claimed that the processor of the smartphone that will come with 192MP camera will be Snapdragon 765. The Snapdragon 765 detail shows that the phone that will have an extremely high resolution camera will not be a flagship. This indicates that the phone can be offered to users with a lower price tag.

Snapdragon 765 technically supports 192MP cameras. However, we have not seen an example of such a camera so far, and frankly, it takes a few seconds to take such a high resolution photo, it is not easy to predict how it will be.

Which company of the 192MP camera phone?

Although the claim presents the phone's existence, it does not give a clue as to which company will be revealed. It was recently announced that LG will release a 5G phone with a Snapdragon 760 series processor. But honestly, currently the megapixel competition is mostly between Samsung and Xiaomi, which uses Samsung camera sensors.

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