Mercedes-Benz X Class (Pick-up)

We describe the remarkable features of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class with all its details. We also listed the packages, equipment options and prices that Mercedes offered with this model.

Despite the fact that luxury and upper segment vehicles come to mind when it comes to Mercedes-Benz , Daimler launched the Mercedes-Benz X-Class , which it introduced as a concept in price performance class , in July of the same year. The vehicle took the names X 220 d and X 250 d and came to the market with two different engine options. Later, he added the X 250 d 4MATIC and X 350 d 4MATIC engine options to his options. When we look at the hardware options, it offered its customers three different hardware packages such as Pure , Progressive and Power .

The rumors that the production will be stopped in the past months , it seems that Mercedes' luxury truck X-Class will say goodbye to the road. According to an interview with Mercedes' representative to "Auto Motor und Sport" , the X-Class is the victim of Daimler Group's cost reduction efforts. During its 2018 stay, Mercedes-Benz had partnered with Nissan for the pick-up, which sold only 16,700 units. We leave you alone with our article where we examined 4 remarkable features of Mercedes-Benz X-Class, which will end production , and you will find answers to the questions you wonder about this pick-up .

  • Hardware Options

  • Packets

  • Engine Options

  • design

1. Hardware Options

Although the package, which we can define as the base model of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class , is an entry-level package, it is full of content without losing the premium line of Mercedes-Benz. The security equipment offered by Pure package, which you can only buy in the X 220 d model;

  • Air conditioning,

  • ABS (Anti-lock braking system),

  • ASR (Antipatinage system),

  • BAS (Braking force assistance system),,

  • ESP (Electronic balancing program),

  • ETS (Electronic traction system),

  • EBD (Electronic power distribution),

  • Ramp take-off support ,

  • Lane tracking assistant ,

  • Cruise control ,

  • Front, side, knee and curtain airbag

In addition to these, 7 ”color multimedia system with Bluetooth support is also offered as Pure as standard. In addition, the side rings and led lighting that facilitate use in the case are also included in the standard equipment. In the Pure package, 17 "steel wheels are standard. If you want, you can enrich the equipment offered with additional packages offered by Mercedes-Benz.


You can purchase the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Progressive package on the X 220 d and X 220 d 4MATIC models. The security equipment that the X-Class Progressive package offers to us in addition to the Pure package;

  • Rear differential lock ,

  • DSR (Hill descent support system)

In addition to this, it also comes with 7-speed automatic transmission , 7 ”color touch multimedia system with Bluetooth support, Dynamic rear view camera , Electric auxiliary heating (PTC), Electric control and heated exterior mirrors . Wheels are offered in 18 "aluminum alloy. You can also have the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Progressive package by adding the non-standard equipment in the package by choosing the options that are suitable for your request.


Power X 220 d, which is the top equipment option of Mercedes-Benz X-Class , can be purchased in X 220 d 4MATIC and X 350 d 4MATIC models. Unlike other packages when you choose X-Class Power;

  • Active lane tracking assistant (optional),

  • 7-speed 7G-Tronic Plus Dual clutch automatic transmission (optional),

  • Shift paddles (optional),

  • Dynamic select driving mode (optional),

  • Eco Start / Stop (optional) can be purchased.

As standard, KEYLESS-GO, THERMOTRONIC dual-zone automatic air conditioning system, Comfort Package and Parking Package are offered. Lightweight aluminum alloy 19 ”wheels were preferred as the rim.

2. Packages
Style Package:

X-Class Style package is offered as a package that you can choose when you buy Progressive and Power models for those who care about visuality. It comes with equipment such as darkened rear windows, side steps and roof rails, high-performance LED headlights and electric retractable rear window .

Comfort Package:

The X-Class Comfort package offers benefits such as electrically adjustable seats with lumbar support for the driver and passenger, ARTICO leather / DINAMICA microfiber upholstery and the THERMOTRONIC dual-zone automatic air conditioning system .

Parking Package with 360 ° Camera:

Parking package with X-Class 360 ° Camera PARKTRONIC and 360 ° vision reversing camera give the vehicle parking and maneuverability. Thanks to PARKTRONIC, the driver receives warnings against obstacles in front of and behind him.

Winter Package:

The X-Class Winter package offers special privileges for drivers who are fond of comfort. Driving comfort increases considerably thanks to seat heating and heated windscreen washing system in cold weather conditions.

3. Engine Options:
X-Class X 220 d

The X-Class X 220 d has a 4 cylinder, 2,298 cc, Euro 6 diesel engine. This engine offers its users 163 BG / 403 Nm Torque and 4x2 traction system. As for the transmission, 6-speed manual is preferred. According to factory data, this engine consumes 7.6 liters of fuel per 100 km.

X-Class X 250 d

Like the X-Class X 250 d , X 220 d model, it has a 4 cylinder, 2,298 cc, Euro 6 diesel engine. This engine offers 190 hp / 450 Nm torque and a 4x2 traction system. The model, which offers a 7-speed automatic transmission option in addition to a 6-speed manual transmission, has a fuel consumption of 7.5 lt / 100 km.

X-Class X 250 d 4MATIC

The only difference of the X-Class X 250 d 4MATIC model from the X-Class X 250 d model is the 4x2 / 4x4 selectable traction transition. When we look at the other features, there is no difference from the X-Class X 250 d model.

X-Class X 350 d 4MATIC

The X-Class X 350 d 4MATIC comes with a 6-cylinder V6, 2,987 cc, Euro 6 diesel engine. Thanks to this engine, the vehicle has 258 hp and 550 Nm of torque. The 7-speed 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission and continuous 4x4 are dazzling in off-road conditions. Fuel consumption is 9 lt / 100 km according to factory data.

4. Design

Mercedes-Benz , which has adopted the rebellious and luxurious design approach as usual , has not given up this design even in the pick-up it produces. The vehicle, which welcomes us with a large grille at the front and the large Mercedes-Benz logo, also has a front guard. Although it is an off-road vehicle, the sedan with led headlights, fog and chrome trim is no different from a car grille.

On the sides of the vehicle, chrome door handles and steps add a strong air to the vehicle. Offering 17 ”, 18” and 19 ” wheel options, the vehicle has gained a much more elegant appearance with 19” wide aluminum wheels . LED lighting and side rings have made it very easy to use in the vehicle's chassis.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class dimensions and load-pulling capacities:

Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a vehicle with a width of 2113 mm, a height of 1838 mm and a length of 5340 mm. The vehicle is 222 mm high from the ground. The vehicle has a loading area of ​​2,466 m2 and its maximum weights are 3200 kg for 4x2 models and 3250 kg for 4x4 models. The vehicle, built on the ladder-type chassis, has a multi-spoke coil spring rear suspension system. The X-Class offers driving up to 49 degrees of side slope. The carrying and towing capacities of the vehicle are;

  • X-Class X 220 d 1,067 kg transport 3,200 kg towing capacity

  • X-Class X 250 d 1.039 kg carrying 3.200 kg towing capacity

  • X-Class X 250 d 4MATIC 1.027 kg carrying 3.500 kg towing capacity

  • X-Class X 350 d 4MATIC 1,001 kg carrying 3,500 kg towing capacity


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