What is ESP in Cars, What Is It For?

ESP, a vital equipment, is a feature we can see in all new model vehicles. ESP, which is an indispensable part of cars for driving safety, has a very simple working principle even though it may create confusion at first in people. What is ESP and what it does, we have explained with all the details.

The ESP system, which we often see in new model vehicles, is a system that is frequently wondered and whose purpose is not fully resolved. However, ESP is extremely easy to understand and is a must- know for those who want to buy a new model car .

ESP is one of the main equipment that should be in a vehicle for the safety of the passengers inside the vehicle. We told you what is ESP , which has been compulsory for use in European Union countries since 2014 , how it works and how it protects the passengers in the car.

What is ESP? 

What is ESP and what it does is one of the first questions most people ask when buying a car . ESP consists of the initials of the words "electronic stability program" . "Stability" word of big ESP involving the vehicle in a stable manner in balance helps keep. As we mentioned above, ESP, which is found in almost every new vehicle, is one of the biggest factors playing a role in driving safety .

ESP, an indispensable part for the safety of drivers , prevents the vehicle from getting out of control during a sudden braking by locking the brakes and controlling the car's traction .

What does ESP do? 

If we understood the word meaning of ESP, then learn what this system does . ESP is an electronic system developed to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers in the vehicle . One of the biggest factors threatening the driver and passengers is that the road is wet due to precipitation, suddenly an obstacle in front of the vehicle while moving or suddenly entering a sharp corner .

In such cases, ESP continues to protect the vehicle's rolling track, preventing skidding , and ensures maximum grip. The ESP, which is automatically activated in the possible situations we have listed above , prevents accidents and ensures the people both inside and close to the vehicle .

How does ESP work?

Driving safety is maximized thanks to ESP, which works with 5 different equipment in sudden reaction situations and prevents accidents . If we fully understood what is and is not ESP, let's take a look at the hardware that ESP works with.

Hydraulic unit

In a sudden brake, the ESP communicates with the engine's control unit and adjusts how much pressure should be given to which wheel with the solenoid valves . The hydraulic unit that performs all electrical and electronic functions related to the vehicle is located in the engine part of the vehicle .

Wheel speed sensor

The control unit uses the speed sensors in the magnetic field to calculate the direction and speed of the wheels and continues to process this data in the back.

Steering angle sensor 

Thanks to the steering angle sensor, the angle of the steering wheel is measured and from this angle , the driving style is calculated according to the desired brake pressure and the position of the accelerator pedal .

Lateral Acceleration Sensor and Course Deviation Rate

The deviation sensor, which records all the movements of the vehicle on its vertical axis , works together with the lateral acceleration sensor and makes the most accurate prediction about the condition of the vehicle .

Communication between hydraulic control unit and engine control unit

ESP continues to process the information it receives from the vehicle continuously, and when necessary, it communicates with the engine control unit, reducing engine torque and balancing tire pressures when the vehicle is accelerating too much or suddenly braking .

What is the operating principle of ESP? 

The ESP checks the data from the vehicle 25 times per second , and the driver takes over as soon as it acts against it. After the vehicle's braking system is activated automatically, the road holding of the vehicle is maximized and a possible accident is prevented .

When should ESP be disabled?

If we learned what ESP is and what it does , we can now look at what conditions ESP should be disabled. As we said above, ESP must be open since it is a life-saving equipment that will require sudden braking . However , ESP will perceive even the smallest slip as a mistake in the roads where snow and icing are seen and cause your vehicle to stop constantly . In such cases, you can disable ESP.

Why does an ESP failure occur, how is it detected?

ESP failures are usually caused by malfunctions caused by the ignition coil or the vehicle's fuel system . As the system called ESP works with multiple hardware, as we mentioned before, it will be very difficult to perform ESP troubleshooting on your own

In order to detect ESP failure and find out which hardware is the problem, you need to take the vehicle to the technical service and have it connected to the computer . If the ESP malfunction indicator is lit on your vehicle or you think that ESP is not working properly, you should take your car to a specialist garage as soon as possible for the safety of both yourself and other persons getting into the vehicle .


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