What is Microsoft's 'Smart Copy' Feature to Chromium Based Edge?

Microsoft announced the new Smart Copy feature for the Chromium-based Edge browser, which makes the copy-paste process much more useful. The new feature will retain the formatting in the copied content, as in Office applications.

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Chromium-based Edge browser that will improve the process of copying and pasting content from websites. The function called Smart Copy will preserve the formatting of the source, thereby ensuring that the texts are copied in full and natural form.

Smart copying is the same as copy-and-paste functionality found in Microsoft Office applications, allowing users to paste content while preserving the source's formatting options. So this particular feature in Microsoft Edge will include the images and links as well as the text contained in the copied section.

Microsoft says the new smart copy feature will make it easier to protect rich web content. Users can use the cursor to copy any type of area or content. All formatting , including images or links, will be preserved during pasting . An important convenience that sounds very simple. Smart Copy feature will be released first for the preview version of Microsoft Edge next month. Later, it will also be released for the stable release.


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