Why is America confused?

In recent years, we have shared much news about the whole world, which has serious problems. While the world is struggling with the Covid-19 Outbreak, there are also problems within the countries. There are many problems like the New Zealand earthquake and the danger of India. One of these events is the Racist police in America. As Blogstore.net, we would like to state that we strongly condemn and react. This crime against humanity had serious reactions from all over the world. Presidents and citizens of the world were not indifferent.

What is the American Racist incident?

Recently, a nigga who wanted to be detained in the middle of the street was asked to arrest. And George Floyd died without breathing. Upon this incident, the American people stood up and united to punish the police officer who committed the murder. Protests have increased and the Streets have returned to the battlefield, especially protests that progressed to the level of civil war within 2 days seem stagnant. Although American president Donald Trump has made the necessary explanations about this, it seems that something has not yet been improved. Unfortunately, the punishment of the American police who committed the murder did not calm the public. This time, the public is determined to completely eliminate the Racist mentality.

"The penalty of being black in America should not be death"

Experiencing these events raises the question of whether the American Civil War started. American whites, who have been racist for years, maybe the harbinger of civil war. If American citizens are black in America, they are excluded. Do the heads of the state ignore this problem? As Blogstore.net, we will closely follow the answer to this question.


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