Widgets Come to Home Screen with iOS 14

Information about iOS 14, the new version of Apple's operating system iOS, continues to come. The noticeable codes indicate that iOS 14 will have widget support. Wallpaper settings are completely changing.

Apple's mobile operating system iOS is known for its user-friendly interface as well as being smooth and smooth compared to other mobile operating systems . Apple , which upgraded the iOS operating system within the 3rd week of September of every year, will perform the same upgrade this year.

The first information about iOS 14, the new version of iOS 13, the latest version of iOS currently in use, began to arrive in the past week. In September, it turned out that a brand new feature will meet us in iOS 14, which is expected to be released for all Apple users - with a supported device .

iOS 14 comes with a widget feature.

Since 1987, even once without disrupting each year, the year's biggest technology conference from someone who Worldwide Developers Conference, the (WWDC) performs Apple, this is the sector in the rest of the year during the conference direction to give introduces new technologies and new software interfaces.

Which is expected in June next WWDC Conference with iOS 14's show and is expected to announce the date of publication. However, before the conference was months ahead, some new features of the 14th version of the iOS operating system appeared.

Screen shots allegedly taken from iOS 14 showcase wallpaper replacement options. Renewed wallpaper settings interface on the right side of the second wall paper selected for blurring the use of reason but also including widgets in iOS 14 to be noticed in the code doğrultusunda- Apple on this operating system widgets is estimated that wants to add the feature.

Apple offers its users the option of setting a lock screen wallpaper with a blurred - gradient wallpaper for the home screen, and has already excited its fans .

New wallpapers are on the way.

taken to another screen in iOS 14 image if reveal the names of wallpapers. The wallpaper series called 'Classic Lines' is currently displayed in the screenshot, while the names of other wallpapers are reported to be accessed from the codes of iOS 14 .

In the codes of the 14th version of Silicon Valley giant Apple's mobile operating system, the names of other wallpapers appear as 'Earth and Moon' and 'Flowers' . We will learn all the real details about iOS 14 and more with WWDC Conference in June .


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