Will the coronavirus end? (Covidien-19)

The question of whether Corona Virus (Covid-19), which has recently appeared in Wuhan, China, will end, is a question mark in every person's mind. Many scientists, healthcare companies, organizations such as the World Health Organization, and people are constantly working to treat the Coronavirus, which does not take much time to spread to the world. In this article, let's examine the change and precautions of Corona Virus from day one to today. For more Health and Science news, please follow our

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Although the world health organization has had some problems with America recently, it has proved its attitude towards the world. Please click for World Covid-19 News and case numbers.

In the early days of the epidemic, the virus was said to have died and was ineffective in hot weather, but scientists who observed that it was based on a temperature of 60 degrees as a result of recent tests began to worry about it. The World Health Organization personally warned that this problem should continue to be protected even in summer and should not stop taking action.

According to the latest information, New Zealand has achieved a successful outcome in this regard and declared that the President of New Zealand has won the war. Other countries of the world are about to succeed in this regard, but not yet. In general, we can say that the number of cases and the number of deaths are decreasing.

As a Blog Team, our suggestion is to stay at home and get rid of the epidemic period in the healthiest way. We wish you a healthy life.

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