Windows 10 Insider Has a Feature to Extend the Charging Life of Smartphones

It has released a new update for the Windows 10 Insider program that Windows 10 is running to use new features before all users. In the new update of Windows 10 Insider program, especially the new features coming to your Phone app are remarkable.

A new  update has been  released for members of the Windows 10 Insider program . In addition to the problems resolved in the released update, your phone application and Samsung Galaxy S20 series and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are offered more powerfully together with the computer.

Your phone update in the Build 19582 update will be able to copy and paste text and images between Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip phones and PC with Windows 10.

With the update, while the phone is controlled via the Your Phone application, the screen of the original  phone will be completely off . Thanks to this feature, the charge of the phones will go much longer.

Smartphones can send and receive multimedia items along with SMS, thanks to service providers that allow RCS . Users who enable RCS on their devices and use the Samsung Messages application will now be able to send and receive these messages from their computers with the Your Phone application in Windows 10.

With the Build 19582 update, Windows 10's Eye Control has also been improved. Now Windows 10 users will be able to control their Windows 10 using only their eyes. Microsoft made some improvements to this feature with the new update.

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