Windows 10 Users Complain of an Error in the Search Bar

Windows 10 users reported that one of the main features of the operating system has stopped working. This situation, which was shared quite a lot on social media, brought many users together. According to the reported problem, the Windows Search tab stopped working on many users' computers this morning.

Windows Search has become inoperable for some Windows 10 users starting this morning . Users who reported that the search box was completely empty when they tried to search and did not show the results shared the problem on social media. Windows Central has reported that a large number of Windows 10 users are complaining about the problem, but it is not yet clear how much the problem affects the user right now.

According to users, when they use the desktop search tool, an empty box appears instead of the related results . Considering that the operating system has 800 million users worldwide, it is uncertain how many of them are affected by the problem, although it seems uncertain. Let us also report that the various solution suggestions that circulate in Windows 10 Start, such as disabling Bing, are not supported by users. The users' comment is that they think it would probably be better to wait for Microsoft to release a fix if the problem is really server-related.

Awaiting comments from Microsoft

Let us remind you that the search tool is one of the most used features of Windows and makes it easier for users to find files, applications, emails and other content normally stored on their computers. Another point of question was the fact that the error came after explaining that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) discovered a major flaw in Windows 10 that could be used by hackers to create legitimate-looking malware .

Sources close to Microsoft reported that there was no evidence of hackers and that the problem was simply an error that could be resolved. There is no definitive solution from Microsoft regarding the problem yet . Some users report that the search part has returned to normal, but some continue to comment that the problem persists. An update about the source of the problem and the exact solution will probably come soon.

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