World Health Organization Consultant: 'We Can Beat the Outbreak with Testing'

Dr. of the World Health Organization consultants.In an interview with Time magazine, Bruce Aylward said that we can overcome the epidemic by doing many tests.He has 30 years of experience.Aylward is also among the most authoritative in the world responsible for combating the coronavirus outbreak.

While the world continues to fight the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, the chief consultant of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO). Bruce Aylward interviewed Time magazine about how to stop the coronavirus. With 30 years of experience against Ebola, polio and other diseases, Aylward is also one of the most authoritative people in the world responsible for fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

Dr.Aylward said in his interview that some information about the future can be obtained with information from the places affected by the epidemic, “When you look back and look at China's initial epidemic, they did everything.When you look right now, they will be able to survive the outbreak like the end of March 2020.In other words, it is a total of 3 months”.

It is not clear how the outbreak will continue:

Evaluating the next six months, Dr..Aylwardalso reminded that the fluseason will begin by theend of the summer. Stating that the question of whether the coronavirus will create a ripple again during this period, the chief advisor said, it is unlikely that the coronavirus will disappear completely. Dr.Aylwards tressed that thevirus will either progress in ascending waves orcontinue as a low level disease.

There are a lot of things that depend on us as a country and society."If we can test every case and quarantine every case quickly, we can manage to keep the number of cases low," said

Dr. Aylward,pointing out that the epidemic will come back in a small concession only if large-scale curfews are trusted without revealing every existing case.

Noting that curfews save time, Dr.Aylward emphasized that the coronavirus outbreak was slowed down, but not stopped. The consultant said that this time that the world gained with curfewsshould be evaluated by establishing a system whereall

individual cases are tested. According to Aylward, this will play an important role in stopping the outbreak.

'Elderly population caused by high mortality rates in Italy'

He said he was worried about whether there would be a second big wave in China. Speaking to regional officials, where the number of cases is rare, Aylward stated that the administrators of these locations increased the number of beds in the hospital, purchased respirators and were prepared. Dr."We don't expect the coronavirus to disappear, but we expect social life, the economy, and the health system to work with the virus," Aylwardsaid.

Explaining his views on why the epidemic took so many lives inItaly,Aylward said, “Italy is the second country in the world with an elderly population after Japan”.Dr. in evaluating about Iran.Alywardsaid that the number of cases increased due to the inability ofthe administrators in the country to receive efficientin formation from the regions.

He has 30 years of experience in epidemics.Bruce Aylward, it should be taken very seriously and the world of coronavirus outbreak of this epidemic

test with be defeated, he stressed. 


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