World's First Artificial Intelligence Operating System: Introducing aiWARE

A US-based company Veritone has managed to develop the world's first artificial intelligence operating system. This operating system, called "aiWARE", runs artificial intelligence instead of programs. Veritone says artificial intelligence operating systems make things a lot easier.

With the development of computer and especially robotic technologies, artificial intelligence gained great importance. Companies are now attaching great importance to artificial intelligence within the scope of digital transformation programs, and they are making very serious investments in order to provide their services with less errors and without the need for human power. These investments in artificial intelligence technologies are considered as the number one condition for companies to keep up with the changing world order.

Now, we will talk about a company called Veritone, which is based in USA, and the works of this company. The reason why the company is subject to our news is that it has developed the world's first artificial intelligence operating system. Veritone names the operating system that will steer artificial intelligence technologies as " aiWARE " and it seems that this operating system will be more than expected in the coming years.

What does aiWARE offer to consumers?

Developing an artificial intelligence related to any sector and successfully controlling this artificial intelligence is a seriously challenging and costly process. Here aiWARE makes this difficult process easy to handle. The artificial intelligence created can be controlled through this operating system, and the system simplifies the complex process of artificial intelligence

The operating systems used in computers and smartphones serve to bring together the hardware parts of the devices and run the commands given . As a matter of fact, aiWARE developed for artificial intelligence technologies is similar to traditional operating systems. However, when running Microsoft Excel on Windows 10, for example, you are running artificial intelligence in AIWARE .

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of aiWARE is that it includes some artificial intelligence engines by default. In this context, consumers, aiware speech, text, sound, photographs, biometric, data analysis, data conversion and much more for needed they can use their engines as required by artificial intelligence technology. Let us simply illustrate this ability of aiWARE.,

Now let's take the voice assistants we use together on smartphones . Voice assistants perceive your speech thanks to their artificial intelligence, categorize what you mean and start working to serve you. The artificial intelligence engine that is needed for these transactions is already in aiWARE . All you have to do is edit it and start using it for your needs.

The most troublesome aspects of artificial intelligence technologies are that they are in extremely complex structures. Veritone, the developer of aiWARE, has not ignored this issue, and has developed a technology called Conductor to provide consumers with the easiest artificial intelligence service possible . This technology filters the complex structure of artificial intelligence both very quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring the use of the right AI engine.

The world's first AI operating system, aiWARE , seems to be extremely exciting for many organizations and organizations. Let's see if this operating system will really become indispensable in the coming periods, or will companies working on artificial intelligence continue their way with their own solutions?

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