World's First Artificial Intelligence Supported Video Boat Introduced

Radisys Corporation, Radisys, an AI-powered 3-in-1 (video, audio, text) bot for the world's first application-free digital customer interactions, announced the launch of Engage Video Assistant (EVA).

EVA, the world's first artificial intelligence supported system, was introduced to its customers by Radisys Corporation.Companies that want to interact withcustomersvisually will be able to use EVA.All they have to do is call the customer support number.Anyone usingLTE capable 4G / LTE or 5Gsmartphonescan benefit from EVA.EVA is a system that can be used over the website and does not require downloading.In addition, EVA with artificial intelligence can be integrated with mobile applications.

Thanksto its powerfulartificial intelligencesystem, EVA determines the purpose of the customer and presents the correct information to the user.It also provides a consistent and uninterrupted customer experience when needed and helps the person to ensure the most cost-effective use.EVAoffers service providers a platform with flexible distribution options that can be accessed over the network or from the cloud.

Summit Alan Quayle, founder of the company,said,“Radisys provides search experience without the need for application, enabling businesses andserviceproviders to provide customers with an unprecedented call experience.Ease ofintegrationlowers customer support costs and helps customers get what they need faster.It also increases productivity with a personal touch. You can visit theRadisys.comwebsiteto learn more about the service .

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