World's First Intranet Working With Artificial Intelligence Is On Its Way (Mesh 3.0)

Acuvate, a Microsoft partner, has launched the world's first AI-powered intranet called Mesh 3.0. Mesh 3.0 set out with the goal of 'delivering the right content to the right person at the right time'. The system will bring together existing data in a company, reducing the time required to access accurate information.

Acuvate , one of Microsoft's partners and digital transformation providers, launched Mesh 3.0 , the world's first AI-powered intranet . The system, which is built on SharePoint, Office Graph, Azure Cognitive Search and Cognitive Services, Teams, Power Apps and Power Automate, also includes Azure machine learning, text analysis and speech services.

Acuvate's previously published intranet version had a more traditional structure and accessed information in standard ways. However, as changes in workplace trends began to occur, the need to make changes in how employees connect, collaborate, and communicate within a company came up. For this reason, Acuvate has developed an intranet for Office 365 , combining the best of Microsoft artificial intelligence and SharePoint, taking into account modern workplace demands .

Meet Mesh 3.0:

Designed to capture new opportunities and accelerate digital transformation , Mesh 3.0 has a unique ability to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. Backed by advanced artificial intelligence and data mining techniques, Mesh 3.0 reduces the total time required to access eastern information by pulling open and stored information in your company's existing data . This personalized content experience makes Mesh 3.0 easily adaptable.

While the proliferation of business applications and piece-by-side digital solutions cause fragmentation in the workplace, this creates stress for the employees. Mesh 3.0 is designed as a one-stop portal that allows employees to do their daily tasks. Thanks to the new intranet, they will be able to gather information and work together.

Personalization tool in Mesh 3.0; interests, activities, locations and other information to the user ID that is built on automated as creating. Cognitive business search uses integrated artificial intelligence to uncover all the hidden things across the company and improve decision making. The business collaboration engine allows users to create a modern digital workplace connected together.

Business communication engine supports multi-channel communication among employees. The autonomous intranet solution also includes MeshBOT , your personal digital assistant . The new intranet can also connect to a company's back-end applications and create a single user interface to access information . The system also hosts a content management tool.

What is an intranet?

Intranet is a mostly TCP / IP based network that connects computers, local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) only within a given business. Intranets can be connected to other networks through gateways. Its main objectives are to share information and computing capacity within the organization.

Intranet, internal or inter-company tele conferencing applications and evaluated in generating business group of people can be gathered in different units. While many protocol applications such as HTTP and FTP can be run over intranets, the use of resources with internet access is very common today.

It is possible to run accounting, human resources, production automation software on the intranet. In addition, it can be done on intranets, such as keeping various databases and distributing documents. Intranet, in summary, means that internet technology can be used within the company .

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