Xiaomi Confirms That MIUI 13 Work Has Begun Before MIUI 12 Is Released

Xiaomi launched its MIUI 12 today, but the update will arrive on devices according to a certain schedule. The company, which has not yet started deploying MIUI 12, has confirmed that it is starting work for MIUI 13 and has launched a survey for MIUI 13.

Xiaomi officially introduced MIUI 12 earlier today, and compatible devices in China began rolling out the closed beta update. The latest version of the update is expected to reach the first batch of devices by the end of June. However, the company has begun work for MIUI 13 , which will replace the latest announced new operating system .

The details we know about MIUI 13 come directly from Xiaomi, not from any third party source. The MIUI User Research Team shared a post on the Mi Community of China after the launch of MIUI 12. Users interested in the subject were asked to participate in the MIUI 13 Feature Design Survey . Although the Chinese smartphone maker has not yet released the latest version of MIUI 12, it is surprising everyone that it has started work on MIUI 13, which is likely to come next year.

'Software is the soul of smartphones'

Mıuı managers responsible for, the talking "software, the smart phone is the spirit and the hardware is as important as a point" he began. From the manager's speech and the company's moves, it is clear how Xiaomi attaches importance to its mobile operating system.

Although the company successfully launched the Chinese launch of MIUI 12, there is no clear date for global launch that will allow MIUI 12 to reach the world. Xiaomi has an online event on April 30, but given that this event is the official introduction of the Redmi Note 9 series for Europe, we can say that the introduction of MIUI 12 is unlikely in this event.

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