Xiaomi Denies Allegedly Saving Usage Data of Phones

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has been claimed to track usage data and send this data to remote servers through another Chinese company. Making a statement on the subject, the company said it did not collect any data without the consent of its users.

Gabi Cirlig, a security researcher who recently gave an interview to Forbes, suggested that the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 tracked the user data and then another Chinese company in cooperation with Xiaomi sent this data to remote servers via Alibaba .

The researcher added that every search and all websites visited were recorded in the browser on the device by default, and these searches were set as 'hidden'. In addition, Cirlig claimed that all the data was sent to remote servers in Singapore and Russia , which was said to record which folders were opened and which screens were viewed, including the device's status bar and settings page .

Xiaomi denies allegations

Xiaomi has denied all claims about it by making a statement on the subject. Xiaomi noted the following four points in its description :

  • Data is collected with the consent of the user

  • Data is completely anonymized and used for analytical purposes only

  • Data passes through servers in accordance with local law

  • Data is secured with third-party certified, industry-standard security practices

In its statement, Xiaomi argued that other internet companies also collect data and Xiaomi's data collection is no different from other companies . The company, Forbes interview that researchers have achieved in direct, news Xiaomimi collecting data privacy practices of truth contrary , he said a presentation. While Xiaomi said that its servers abroad had a cloud infrastructure, it also provided information about the browser information synchronization processes on the operating system.

Xiaomi, who also made a statement to Forbes and showed how anonymous browser data is collected, pointed out that this is one of the most common ways to improve

the overall browser product experience through analysis of information that is not personally identifiable among internet companies .


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