Xiaomi Launches New Dual Mode Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Xiaomi has introduced the MINIIW Air 85 mini Bluetooth keyboard, which is small in size and large in function. Standing out with its stylish design and affordable price, MIIIW Air 85 supports dual-mode wireless connection.

Xiaomi 's ecological chain company, MIIIW, has unveiled the dual-mode mini Bluetooth keyboard called MIIIW Air 85 . The MIIIW Air 85, which is introduced with the internet event, comes with 85 keys as the name suggests.

With curved edges and 7.8mm thickness, the MIIIW Air 85 keyboard comes with round keys , unlike standard keyboards . The back of the keyboard can be lifted to a height of 8 degrees for easier typing and reducing finger fatigue. The characters engraved on the keys using laser technology reveal a more beautiful and bold design.

Dual-mode wireless connection

MIIIW Air 85 supports wireless dual-mode Bluetooth connection. In other words, besides Bluetooth connection, it can be connected to the devices with a special USB wireless receiver. Thanks to the special keys on it, you can easily switch between the two connection modes. In addition, the keyboard that comes with Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS support also has a key to change the operating system mode. The MIIIW Air 85 dual-mode Bluetooth mini keyboard is available for $ 22 in black and pink.

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