Xiaomi Smart watch remote control technology

Xiaomi is developing a special application with remote control functionality that allows you to control some features of NIO brand cars. The technology giant aims to increase the usefulness of automobile applications.

Xiaomi has officially announced that they have partnered with Chinese automaker NIO . The technology giant will release a special Mi Watch application that allows to control NIO brand vehicles within this collaboration.

Xiaomi will make a special application for Mi Watch smartwatches in order to enable certain functions in vehicles remotely . This app will make Mi Watch a kind of remote control for cars. Users will be able to view their vehicles in the NIO application via the smart watch.

The application will be able to display vehicle-related driving status, power levels and remaining battery life. Users will also be able to open and close vehicle doors and windows. Cars will also be able to send quick notifications via Mi Watch . For example, irregular or low pressure in car tires will notify users.

Users can also adjust the vehicle's air conditioners through the application. If they can't remember where they parked, they will be able to access the car's location with the app and use various alarms and flashing lights through the NIO app.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch NIO app will support all models. In addition, features like NFC will be supported in the future . Xiaomi is currently one of the largest wearable technology manufacturers in the world, and this collaboration aims to develop the automobile applications ecosystem.

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