YouTube Will Not Show Advertising on Videos About Corona Virus

Corona virus, which emerged in Wuhan, China, has become one of the most talked about topics in a short time. Especially on social media, many sharing and informing about Corona virus was made. However, channels that prepare content related to Corona virus on YouTube will not be able to earn income from these videos due to the company policy.

Last month, the YouTube channel Insider made a video about the Corona virus. As of February 11, YouTube announced that it is treating the Corona virus as a sensitive issue. All videos shot about the Corona virus on YouTube will not be able to receive ads until the next announcement, and therefore will not be able to earn revenue from these videos.

In fact, this situation is not only related to Corona virus, it is a situation that completely depends on company policy. YouTube does not advertise videos with sensitive content, such as armed conflicts, some forms of death . This is actually a policy YouTube has prepared to protect advertisers.

Corona content cannot be earned

Since the Corona virus epidemic is a global health crisis, the content production of non-specialists causes misinformation. As such, there are false notifications. YouTube also does not advertise on such videos to eliminate this false information .

But of course, content producers are not satisfied with this situation. According to the statement, many content producers cannot produce videos about the Corona virus due to this policy of YouTube. That's why content producers take care not to pass the word Corona virus in their videos. For example, a YouTube channel called Linus Tech Tips has released a video that this recent virus epidemic could negatively affect the technology industry over the next few months. But in his video, he did not pass the Corona virus . Because if he passed the Corona virus, he would not add advertising to his video.

However, this does not apply to all channels and content producers. YouTube excludes some news channels and similar channels from this policy. The reason for this is that these channels are purely for informational purposes.

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