ZTE Axon 11's Rear Camera Design Appears in a Promotional Image

The new flagship smartphone of the Chinese smartphone maker ZTE, Axon 11, will be introduced next week. The camera design of the phone appeared in a promotional image released before launch.

ZTE will introduce its new 5G phone Axon 11 on March 23 after the Axon 10s Pro  . The rear camera design of the new smartphone appeared in a promotional image, featuring the famous Chinese actor Sean Sun, the brand face of ZTE.

The promotional image shows that the new flagship  will arrive with four rear cameras positioned square in the upper left corner . The LED flash is located just below the camera setup. In addition, Chinese information about the cameras of the 5G phone is provided.

The camera setup of the ZTE Axon 11 looks relatively the same as other smartphones today. No extra design changes or complicated sensor designs. Although it is known that the phone does not have a periscope camera, the features of the camera have not been officially announced yet.

Axon 10 and Axon 10s had a triple camera system with wide-angle and telephoto lenses along with the main camera. It is not yet known whether the fourth camera in Axon 11 will be a ToF sensor or a macro sensor. Introducing the Axon 11 often focuses on camera performance , and new leaps from the camera can come from ZTE.

Besides the Snapdragon 865 processor and 5G support of the ZTE Axon 11 , the future is spoken with at least 18W fast charging. Other features of the phone will be clarified with the launch next week.

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