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Developing world technology

The developing world technology is growing day by day and is constantly being developed by certain companies. There are some forgotten technologies in this process. is constantly researching and constantly up to date.

Although 2020 has been an unfortunate year for the world, technology companies and scientists do not compromise on this issue and continue to make changes in the technology world. You can follow the technology news for the developing technology.

what is technology?

Technology is a human activity. It is a concept that existed before science and engineering in human history. It is seen as the implementation of science in many ways. Thanks to technology, the necessary tools and equipment are produced for people to survive. It is also described as a technology for the whole of information that enables production methods and talents to come together. Today, life has become quite easy thanks to the technological products that exist in all areas of life. Thanks to technology, production has increased, distances have been shortened, information has spread all over the world, its level of development has increased, and people's lives have become easier. 

The word origin of technology comes from Greek. As a result of the combination of Greek art and knowing words, the word technology emerged. Technology is called making tools to meet people's needs, knowledge, techniques, and abilities that enable production to be realized. Science, which is transferred to daily life, can be described as technology. 

Thanks to the studies carried out with the development of science, the developments in terms of technology are described as technology. Thanks to the knowledge accumulated by humanity, science constantly develops. Technological products are produced thanks to the development of science and increasing technical knowledge. Technology advances at the same rate as science progresses. 

What is the Importance of Technology?

Technology has an extremely important place in human life. Technology has become an indispensable element of life since humanity's struggle for existence began. Technology is an indispensable and complementary part of daily life because it makes people's life easier and saves time. 
Smart home systems, kitchen appliances, public transportation, automobiles, smartphones, tablets, computers are some of the technological products that come to people in daily life. Thanks to these technological products, people can survive in more contemporary conditions by getting rid of primitiveness. Thanks to the advantages of technology, people continue their daily lives without getting tired. 
Another technological element that completely affects daily life is the internet. Thanks to the Internet, many activities such as shopping, getting information, training, paying, having fun, and communicating can be carried out easily. The internet has been included in daily life enough to create addiction in people. 
The level of development of a country can be measured with its technological possibilities and the technological products it can produce. Thanks to technology, production becomes easier, the level of public works increases, and industrialization is achieved. The country's welfare level rises. Many technological successes bring along economic success. Countries can get rid of dependence on foreign economy economically by selling technology.

What are the Benefits of Technology?

  • Technology is a constantly developing element that is never stationary. Almost every day, a technological development emerges that brings innovations and convenience to people's lives. 

  • Technological products and inventions are positive contributors to daily life. In this way, improvements are recorded in many areas of life such as education, health, production, transportation, nutrition, trade, and industrialization, and life becomes easier. 

  • Thanks to technology, some habits have changed. It left the shopping place, which was previously made by visiting the store, to the shopping made without the need to leave the house. This is an important advantage for those who do not have enough time, the elderly, and those who do not have a favorable health condition.

  • Thanks to technological advances, surgical techniques have improved to eliminate health problems, making early diagnosis easier. People were allowed to live a healthier and longer life.

  • Thanks to technology, transportation has become easier and distances have been shortened. Long-lasting journeys were reduced to hours thanks to aircraft technology. Decreasing distances facilitated social life and contributed to the development of trade.

  • The most important gain that technology offers to people is the ease of access to information. Thanks to the technological possibilities, information can be accessed at any time from any place. The diversity and sharing of information have increased significantly. This is a very useful issue for the development of societies. 

  • Thanks to technological developments, it has become easier to market a product, to announce it to large masses, to reach people by easily distances. This contributes to companies' growth and economic development. 

  • Thanks to technology, education opportunities increase. Education has now become more accessible to individuals whenever they want via the Internet than just an activity at school. This makes an important contribution to the development of people and to the advancement of science and inventions.

  • Technological developments have also caused industrialism to jump. The mechanization in production has increased and the need for manpower has decreased. Thanks to technology, more production can be made in a short time and productivity has increased. Thus, economic and social development has been achieved.  

What are the Harms of Technology?

  • Due to technological products, people have started to lead a more passive, sedentary, and lazy lifestyle. 

  • Factories that operate at high capacity due to technological developments cause the depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution. Global warming, air pollution, killing forests are some of the problems that arise due to technological developments.

  • Because of technology, people have become an asocial being, face to face communication has decreased. The virtual environment has become an area where people are active. For this reason, various metabolic disorders related to insomnia, depression and immobility have appeared.

  • Each technological product works with electrical energy. In this case, it leads to increased electromagnetic fields to which people are exposed. The expansion of electromagnetic fields has a lot of negative effects on the nervous system of people. 

  • Technological developments are closely followed by society. In this case, people who are aware of every technological innovation aim to purchase the latest technology products. In this case, it causes the human to be in a position to consume rather than produce. 

  • The products, which were previously regarded as luxury consumer goods, have become a necessity today. This is an element that pushes people to spend more. More spending brings along economic difficulties and consumption frenzy.

What is Technology? Importance, Benefits and Harm

When it comes to what technology is, first of all; The ability - knowledge response required for the production and production of auxiliary tools and equipment for people's needs emerges. So, what are the importance, benefits, or harms of technology from past to present?

I am not sure how accurate the answer will be if we are asked to know what technology means, but what is technology? After all; technology is something we use in every aspect of our lives, but when it comes to the definition of the word, we may not be able to give a clear answer to this, as in many other words

For example; What is the first technological development, when this concept has entered our lives, its importance, advantages, and disadvantages… Yes, we will start with the question of what is technology in the following article, which we will talk about in detail, and we will focus on the issues I just mentioned.

Most people can answer the question of what is technology by giving an example. Like, "The phone I have, cars, computers, machines used in industry ..." However, few people can define technology as the knowledge and ability required to make and produce tools and equipment for people's needs. Another definition of technology appears in the form of information covering production methods, tools, equipment, and tools used in the industry.

But the essence of technology is what human beings do to make life easier by using science. So, in its simplest and most descriptive definition, technology can be expressed in this way. Technology, which consists of art and knowing words in Greek, comes from the word techno-logia. Tehnikos means meanings like mastery and technical knowledge, while logia mean like art, science, and talent.

And the main purpose of technology, which is a human activity, is to make life easier. Although we can say that in the age we are in, this goal has been exceeded and the business has turned into harm rather than a benefit. But right now, I'm putting this issue aside for later. Because before I move on to other issues related to technology, there is another issue I would like to focus on. That's the idea that technology has emerged before science and engineering. So according to some technology; Although it is expressed as the implementing aspect of science, there is also the opinion that science and engineering started to be used later.

7 of the world's 10 most valuable companies are technology companies

While 2 technology companies entered the list of the world's most valuable companies 10 years ago , there are 7 companies focusing on digital technology in the list of companies with the highest market value according to 2019 data .

According to the "Top 100 Companies by Market Value in 2019" report published by the online statistics portal Statista, the rise of technology companies continues. In 2010, only 2 technology companies could find their place among the 10 most valuable companies, 10 years later, technology companies dominated the list and were listed with 7 companies.

American companies are noteworthy in the top 10 technology companies . While the USA found itself in the list with 5 companies ( Apple , Microsoft Corp, Alphabet Inc., Amazon and Facebook), China was in the list with 2 companies ( Alibaba and Tencent Holding).

Here are the top 5 technology companies and market values ​​on the list:

technology news

technology news.jpg

1. Apple Inc: $ 1.38 trillion

Apple, whose foundations were laid in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, first announced its computer kits. The company is known today as a multinational American company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The company's best-known hardware products are Mac series computers, iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets, and Apple Watch smartphones, while the best-known software is OS X and iOS operating systems, iTunes media browser, Safari internet browser, Apple TV +, iMessage, and iCloud. comes to the fore. The company stands out as the world's most valuable technology company, with a market value of $ 1.38 trillion, according to January 2020 data in Markets Insider. 

2. Microsoft Corp: $ 1.27 trillion

Founded on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates and later Paul Paul, who will resign from the company, Microsoft made a name for the world with Microsoft Windows, one of the most used operating systems on computers today. While the company was very important in the operating system market for personal computers with MS-DOS operating system in the 1980s, it continued its leadership with Microsoft Windows. The company's best-known software outside of Microsoft Windows is Microsoft Office suite, Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers, while hardware products stand out as Xbox video game consoles and Microsoft Surface tablet series. The company made the biggest purchases by purchasing LinkedIn for $ 26.2 billion in December 2016 and Skype Technologies for $ 8.5 billion in May 2011.

3. Alphabet Inc: $ 1 trillion

Alphabet Inc. It was founded in 2015 to gather Google and other Google companies under one roof. Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are head of his company, headquartered in California. The company's best-known service stands out like Google, which serves mostly as a search engine. Founded as a private company in 1998, Google is the world's most visited website by Alexa. In addition to the Google search engine service, YouTube also serves its users on many issues such as the Android operating system, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Map, Google Drive, and Google Pixel smartphone. Alphabet is also the owner of the DeepMind company, which works on artificial intelligence.

4. Amazon: $ 931 billion

Another US-based technology company, Amazon stands out in the fields of e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, digital broadcasting platform. Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, in Seattle, USA, is the world's largest shopping site in terms of market value. Although Amazon has been on the agenda with the dismissal of the workers as a result of its investments in robotic technology recently, the company is one of the USA's most employer companies with approximately 650 thousand workers according to 2018 data. In addition to e-commerce, Amazon's most used service, the company's digital video surveillance platform Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Amazon Web Services, which provides cloud computing services, It also has other products such as ebook reader Kindle and voice home assistant Amazon Alexa. According to Amazon's January 2020 data, the market value is worth $ 931 billion.

5. Facebook: $ 632 billion 

The social media platform Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. The platform, which was only open to students at Harvard University in the early years of its establishment, later expanded its network to cover all Ivy League schools. After 2006, the company allowed anyone over the age of 13 to become users. Facebook, which has become the largest social media platform in the world, has 2.45 billion active monthly users according to Statista data of 2019. The company bought Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012 and WhatsApp for $ 19 billion in 2014, and managed to take its place in the list of the most downloaded apps with its Facebook application and Facebook Messenger application with its four applications. In addition to the Facebook dating site, the digital currency Libra, project had kept the agenda busy for a long time. According to Facebook's Markets Insider January 2020 data, the market value was $ 632 billion.

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