World Science

There is a lot of research on world science. We can associate this category with developing technology. spends a lot of time on this subject and continues its research. There are classic things that come to mind in the world of science

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Space science

  • Health

  • Virus outbreak

  • Biological weapons

  • Nuclear and atomic bombs

outer worlds science weapons

Wars have been going on all over the world since the past.
The developing world of technology and science seriously affects wars in this regard.
Wars are now biologically better than weapons. The atomic bomb used on Japan in recent years is an example of this.

Space science

Space science The reason for too much confusion is too much expression. The two most famous names in the world, of course, come to mind. NASA and SPACE X Scientists who think I am not alone in the universe cause confusion. But there is a possibility that he is right.

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